Cult Part 5
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The Och Cult




  Pastor Jack moved towards the doors, and the doors opened, apparently with no human intervention. He entered, and motioned me to follow him.  Something in my water told me I was in the presence of a great man.

I followed, and found myself within a wondrous hall. Murals hang over the walls, all featuring the Pastor in various states of dress. Several people in white robes were sitting at a bench eating fruit. As Jack entered, they rose to greet him.


'All Hail Pastor Jack,' they chanted in unison, followed by, 'Ooooh, what have we got here then?'

They moved towards me, arms outstreched, and formed a circle around me.

'This filthy sinner requires to be repented,' said Pastor Jack.

'What colour?' asked Basil, and I smiled inwardly, pleased that The Pastor was going to have to put up with the same silly comments I had listened to all these years.


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Next, I am given the robes of the sacred sinner to wear.
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  The Pastor laughed, and as he laughed I saw the gold fillings in his teeth. I suddenly realised that Things Were Happening which I couldn't explain.

The crowd surrounding me started to chant - Ooh aahh you're a sinna, they chanted over and over. It was a very strange moment.