Cult Part 7
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The Och Cult





I turned my head and looked behind me. There, sitting in row upon row of pews, were about 500 people, all wearing white robes and looking very pious.

'Ye are a sinner and ye be destined for doom,' declared Pastor Jack.
'Ye be a sinner and ye be destined for doom,' replied the congregation.
'The cleansing portal awaits ye, if ye be prepared to renounce your vice. I shall take your vice for you, and ye shall be free for all time.'
'Free for all time,' chanted the crowd, and I realised that Basil wasn't the only parrot in this place.



Three members of the congregation approached me. Two grabbed an arm each, and the third grabbed my feet. They lifted me into the air, high above their heads,, and the Pastor stared at me. He sung:

'Sins o' flesh
Weakhearted fool
Your life's a mess
Into the pool.'

After this, the crowd chanted in reply:

'Chuck him in
he's a disaster
Soon his sins
will be the Pastor's.



The party starts
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Next, the men carrying me moved me over towards a bath of water, and they lowered me in. The water was cold, and I knew now how Basil had felt all those years having to bathe in the gutters in all seasons.

I was totally immersed, and I saw my life flash before me. My life had ended, but I was immediately born again.

I was lifted out of the bath and flung at The Pastor's feet. He kicked  off his sandals, and said:

'Ye may wear the sacred sandals.' The audience clapped and cheered, and starting to pull party poppers. Balloons fell from the ceiling and a real party atmosphere was evident.