Cultic Poetry
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Many Cult Members write poetry as a means of expressing their gratitude to the Pastor and the Cult of Life for saving their souls. Some of the poetry is very good, and some is excellent. Here is a small selection of Cultic Verse for your delight and delectation.

Pastor Jack, you saved my life

I nearly died and lost my wife

You made me better, and made me well,

And saved me from a certain Hell.


Life was hard and life was cruel

Morning breakfast always gruel

Money - none. No hope for me

Till Pastor gave me a cup of tea.


Pastor Jack - wot a man!

I think I am his biggest fan

I love his face, his feet are cute

Pastor Jack - wot a beaut!


Sex and drink all for fun

never think of damage done

I was a vandal no abode

Then pair of sandals and a robe

Made me fine made me nice

no more wine no more vice

Cult O' Life and Pastor Jack

Saved me strife and heart attack.


Sinning, swearing, cursing too
Never knowing 'twas wrong to do
Pastor stopped me in the street
Told me I had smelly feet.

'Smelly feet?' Said I, quite mad
'I'll sort you out, you mincing cad'
Pastor Jack's hand touched my head
'Feel the  power,' was all he said.

He washed my feet with Fairy Snow
Toes a-tingling, all aglow
Disinfected my body and mind
Pastor Jack is very kind.