Cult Part 4
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The Och Cult


Basil fluttered from my shoulder and landed on the Pastor's.

'You are a fine bird,' said The Pastor, 'and from this day forward you shall be blessed.

Pastor Jack turned his back, and started to walk away from me, Basil still on his shoulder. I rose from my bench and followed him. 'Where are we going?' I asked. 'What's happening?'


'You speak too much,' said The Pastor. I thought to myself, 'just wait till that parrot gets started properly, we'll see who talks too much then.'

Pastor Jack reached the park gates, and entered the street beyond. The lamps glowed dimly, and The Pastor seemed to walk without making a sound. He strode through streets, alleys and passages which I never knew existed.

After some time, we approached a huge building. The tall doors had a fluorescent sign above them which read The Och Cult.

I had arrived at the Cult HQ, and little know to me, my life was about to change forever and a day.


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