Cult Part 1
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Och Cult


The rain fell heavily and the wind howled through my raincoat as I settled down on my park bench for the night.

'You're in an awful state'  said Basil, my trusty parrot. 'Sometimes I am embarrassed to be seen out with you.'

  'But Basil,' I said, my speech badly slurred through having drunk too much methylated spirits, 'Ye be a lovely example of parrot hood and I am right proud of you.'

'Well, you're in an awful state, awful state,' replied Basil.

I pulled a copy of the Sunday Post over my head, covering my hair which hadn't seen a drop of shampoo in many a month.


Basil tucked his head under his wing, and I could hear him crying himself to sleep. It was a piteous sound, and I felt a pang of guilt. I took another swig of meths and fell into a drunken sleep.

I was awoken abruptly by Basil biting my ear. I'd trained him as a guard parrot, and every time he sensed fear he would waken me.

'Look out, look out,' he half whispered and half squawked.


 I sat upright, and reached for my carrier bags, which contained my whole life. 'What be going on?' I asked Basil. He didn't reply, instead he nodded his head towards a figure standing beside my park bench. The figure spoke.



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