Cult Part 6
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 The Och Cult





The chanting reached a hypnotic level, and I felt myself falling. The falling went on forever as if I were falling into a never ending hole. All of the colours of the rainbow seemed to flow into my body, and I could feel all of the beauty of life flow into me. The sensations were too much for a mortal to bear, and I fell into a subconscious state.



I awoke after a period of time which could have been minutes or days. I couldn't tell, and all thoughts of how long I'd slept were quickly swept from my mind as my eyes began to focus.

I was lying on the floor, looking up at the ceiling of a tall building. I recognised this as the building I'd followed Pastor Jack into. I became aware of strange clothing, and was surprised to find that I was wearing a dark gown, like a habit, and strange leather slippers.

'Goodness me,' I thought. Well, you would think the same, wouldn't you?

I was given some lovely robes


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The Truth - what was happening?


I lifted my head, and was surprised to find myself staring at The Pastor, standing at a pulpit, wearing a deep red gown. Basil was perched aloft a candelabra, whose candles were unlit. The Pastor was speaking in a loud voice, and I tried to speak, but couldn't.

'We have a sinner, friends,' he boomed. Then, pointing at me, he declared, 'You be a sinner.' Following this, I heard a loud chanting of many voices repeating 'You be a sinner.'

I realised that Pastor Jack and I were not alone.