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Thursdays are lentil treading days


  Lentil Treading on Thursdays

On Thursdays we go lentil tTreading. Lentil treading is an age old tradition whose origins are lost in the midst of time.

All members are required to tread lentils at least once a month, but in the busy seasons members may be called upon to tread every week.
The Pastor prepares the lentils on Fridays, for treading the following Thursday. Like grape treading, it's done barefoot, and the mush that's produced after a 6 hour session is used for a variety of purpose. Some of it is used to prepare various Cult foodstuffs (see Recipes for some suggestions).

Sandals are left outside, and only bare feet are allowed to tread the lentils

  The majority of the lentil mush is used to make an alcoholic liquor called Jackfast. It's a very strong beverage, and makes a lot of money for the Cult. Many people criticise the Pastor for creating this, when he decries alcohol so vehemently.
The Pastor answers these critics by explaining the Jackfast is a blessed drink, and he feels that if young people are going to abuse alcohol and drink down the park, then it's better they drink something which has the Pastor's blessing.

Jackfast is exceedingly strong, and brings people to their knees quicker than other leadning brands.

Basil the Parrot logo appears on all bottles of Jackfast. Look out for it in your supermarket or off-licence.

He says that Jackfast brings more members to the Cult than any other proprietory drink made by monks anywhere else. Because it's so strong, people begin to experience problems with it quicker, and they are easier to convert to Cultism.