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Recruiting Day

On Saturdays, we go out 'bell pushing' as we jokingly call it in the Cult. We wander the housing estates, with a psychic cultee. The psychic cultee senses where the sinners are, and we ring the door bells of these houses, and attempt to save the souls of the dirty vile sinners inside.  

Some times a psychic cultee is not available, and we use a sin detecting divining rod instead. We point the rod at the houses we pass, and when it twitches, we can be sure that there is a sinner inside. When I go divining for sinners, my rod twitches a lot. There are so many sinners out there.
Bell pushing can be a dangerous activity, but Pastor Jack has thought of this, and he provides us with special sandals, which allow us to defend ourselves in threatening situations. These same sandals also help us to help people to keep their door open. A quick casual slip of a foot into the doorway gives us that extra few minutes to save souls/

  The Pastor runs a league, where each cultee gains points according to the number of sinners recruited. It's a complicated scoring system, but essentially points are gained according to the number of sinners recruited, and the seriousness of their sins.

It's all fun and games in the Cult. The next time you here the doorbell, it could be one of us. Why not join us today?

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