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Sinbad's Loves
Sinbad's Woes


Sinbad seemed fat when he arrived, but looking back he doesn't seem too bad!

Sinbad arrived in Brookie as a proper scally, with no real sense of right and wrong. Originally introduced as Jimmy Corkhill's mate, Sinbad soon established a place as the neighbourhood's favourite window cleaner.

One of his scams entailed selling turkeys for Christmas, but (as the picture proves) he couldn't bring himself to do the deed.

Here, we can see him from sometime in the mid 1990s. Although he's always been fat, as this picture and the one above prove, he wasn't always quite as big as he is now.

One of Sinbad's major storylines concerned the murder of Trevor Jordache and the subsequent hiding of his body under the patio. Here he's pictured with (l to r) Beth, Mandy and Rachel Jordache.

Sinbad's Loves

Sinbad's Woes

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