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Jimmy's most ridiculous moment came when he decided to forge a degree certificate, and to become a teacher. Not only did everyone fall for it, but, despite his obvious ignorance of the subject, he succeeded where other teachers had failed.

Equally silly was the way that Jimmy, who had overcome his drug addiction, should suddenly become the only person to notice the drug problem of one of his pupils (Susan?).

Many knew of Jimmy's false qualifications, and yet no-one bothered to inform the authorities. People like Sinbad wouldn't want to 'grass' on a mate, but people like Ollie Simpson (bookshop owner extraordinaire, and moral guardian) failed to alert the authorities too.

Summer 2000 sees Jimmy addicted to anti-depressant drugs (although they are not addictive), and acting in very strange ways indeed, such as developing an obsession with cleaning, and selling his daughter's possessions for 10 pence per item.

Is he a realistic character? I think not!

There are more examples. Please e-mail any you can think of to me. Ta.

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