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Jacqui Dixon

The Dixon Family

The Dixon family arrived in Brookside in 1990 - Ma DD, Pa Ron, and little Dixies Mike, Jacqui and Tony. They brought with them the dreadful Moby and the awful Jacqui. They've played a large part in the programme over the years, and some highlights include:
  • The Farnham/Dixon dispute. Max and Ron never have really got on, and Max used to refer to the family, rather aptly, as the Clampitts.
  • Margaret (the Farnham's hired help) and Deity Derek (DD's priestly brother) had an affair, after Margaret decided Beth wasn't her true love.
  • Ron and DD split up. Then got back together. Then split up.
  • Ron's mobile shop eventually made him enough money to open a shop - 'The Trading Post' - on the Parade.
  • DD opened a florist shop with money she'd saved over the years.
  • Tony died  when he was struck by a car driven by the drug-crazed Jimmy Corkhill.
  • Jacqui became wealthy, and eventually owned the parade and all in it. For a while! This seems to have been one of Brookie's least realistic moments (and there are many to choose from!)
  • DD finally left after Ron got attempted to get friendly with Jackie Corkhill and then Bev.
  • Bev became pregnant, to either Ron or Mike, but she couldn't tell which.
  • Jacqui was attacked in the bar by Leanne, who blinded her with acid!!!
  • Sadly, Jacqui made a full recovery, in true soap opera miracle fashion
  • Ron's business failed when Bing Crosby's garage business opened up.
  • The shop closed, and Ron returned briefly to the Moby, only to cross swords with Dick Ronson, his mobile shop arch enemy.
  • Ron opened 'Great Grannies' - a cleaning outfit hiring out old women to clean.
  • Ron nearly killed Wills(?) when she drank a cleaning product in his shop.
  • Ron nearly killed Sinbad, Kylie, Tinhead's brother and others when he fitted a gas cooker himself.
  • Ron's had various heart attacks

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