Rachel Jordache
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Rachel Jordache - what can you say? Innocent, naive and Miss ever-so-nice, she never seems to get it right.

Initially obsessed by her dad, she changed to hating the man, and despising him for abusing her and her mother and sister.

She has been married twice so far. Firstly to a fat dancer called Christian, who expected her to be a proper little housewife. 

This marriage ended and she got to know Mike Dixon, and got to know him well, as Baby Beth soon appeared. 

Mike and Rachel tied the knot in Summer 2000. 

Rachel seldom sees her mum Mandy, and her sister Beth died unexpectedly in jail.

She has a half sister, Ruth, who lives with her mum in Bristol. Sinbad is Ruth's dad, and he and Rachel have always had a good close relationship.