Trevor Jordache
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Spot the difference. One is Trevor Jordache and the other is the Devil.

Poor misunderstood Trevor. Father of Beth and Rachel and husband of Mandy, he entered Brookside as a baddie, and never really got a chance to show his kind caring side. This is unusual in Brookie, as bad characters are usually turned into good characters before long. For example, Jimmy Corkhill, child murdered, is now portrayed as a likeable buffoon.

Trevor arrived fresh from jail, having tracked Mandy down to the refuge house they were living in. Soon he moved back in (why Mandy, why?), and his abusive behaviour towards his wife and children became evident.

Mandy eventually had enough, and killed him. Dead. And buried him. Under the patio. Sinbad helped with this, as digging is not girly work.

He decomposed for a while, and Mandy had a funeral for him, having claimed a down-and-out's body as her Trev's. Trevor's sister Bren was more scary than he was, and she appeared on the scene to terrorise Mandy. It all came out in the wash, and Mandy and Beth stood trial for murder.