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These pictures show me after the main festival.
Cameras are not allowed at the sacrifice, but Pastor Jack
has copies for sale on video at only £19.95.


Here you see me lying on the grave after I'd been sacrificied. Note that
the sacrifice is symbolic only now, following a police investigation in  1996,
into the Pastor's activities, although nothing was ever proved.
After the sacrifice the cult members dressed me in my earth clothes, covering my nakedness.

Diane, another cult member, starts off the dancing  at the tree of life. She was very keen to get started and had her kit off earlier than everyone else. Pastor Jack later took her aside and
congratulated her on her enthusiasm.

The tree of life. After I'd been sacrificed,
the cult members took me to the tree
where we danced naked as the sun rose.
Again you can see the Bookworld carrier
where I carry my Book of All Knowledge.
Note the look of glaxed satisfaction on my
face - the whole experience had been
like being born again. Note too how much
thinner I was after the festival.

The actual dancing and sacrifice
were performed naked, but I decided such
pictures were not suitable for children.

The Och Cult Dance