A tribute to Gail
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A tribute to Kempy

Gail Kemp, one of my students, did a bungee jump on the 27 May 2000 for the

Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust

Here is my poetic tribute.

Gail Gail, are you sure about this?
It seems an awfy big step
To jump from a crane
into the rain
and hope that the ground you will miss.

'Aye,' she said, 'I'm full up with hope
Ah'm ready to jump right away'
So up she did go
never said no
and her ankles were tied with the rope.

She looked at the ground it seemed far away
but she couldn't back out now
So she closed her eyes
said hope I don't die
and jumped and began to pray.

Flying alone, the air it was cold,
her mouth it was open wide
The ground got quite close
She tingled her toes
And wondered why she'd been so bold

The cord went quite tight, it caused her some pain
and tightened and went quite taut
She carried on down
Near to the ground
and then she bounced up again

At length she stopped bobbing around
The crowd were silent and scared
She smiled a bit
though felt unfit
and was lowered back to the ground.

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