Fayre 2000
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This picture shows some of the visitors to the village
taking part in the ancient tradition of line standing. This
form of dance dates back to the early 16th century when
it was believed that witches had restless feet, and
couldn't stand still for more than a few minutes.

Women suspected of witchcraft would be ordered to stand
in this position (each to the left and forward of the person
behind), and if anyone moved within 15 minutes, then she'd
be treated as a witch and burnt at the stake on the village
green or, in later times, hung at the Mercat Cross.

The young girl to the right of the picture is holding two
containers of water. This represents the additional test
that some suspected witches had to undergo, where they
were forced to hold a bucketful of water in each hand, to
test their strength and endurance. Note the pained look
on her face and she was only carrying about a pint in
each hand. We can only imagine the discomfort felt
standing still for 15 minutes.

The Line Standing Steps now form part of the Community
Garden. Click here to see pictures more pictures of it.

Thanks to the models (Minnie, Rose, Lynn, Callum and Laura) who are all members
Of the Culross Region Amateur Players, a local theatrical company.