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Dear Aunt Diane

I have a problem. I have become a constant liar, and I find myself living in world of my own making. It's getting me down - and people constantly catch me out. It takes a lot of energy to live so many lies. How can I stop?

Yours truly

Pants on Fire of Peebles

Dear Pants on Fire

I always say that people whose lives are dull need to live in the lives of others. In your case, your life is dull and you are living in an uninhabited world which does not exist.  You cannot survive these conditions for much longer.

You need a hobby. I suggest that you toddle on down to your local community centre, and meet some people there. Get to know people, and knock at the doors of their lives. If you knock long enough and hard enough someone's sure to let you come in. Then you can turf out all the old furniture of lies from your your house, and sweep your staircase with a new broom.

Aunt Diane
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