St Mungos's Chapel
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Ruin of St Mungo's Chapel.

St Mungo is said to have founded the City of Glasgow.





The ghost of the Mad Monk is said to haunt the ruins and the surrounding streets. The Mad Monk,  Brother Joseph Macgregor, served in nearby Culross Abbey from the years 1745 till 1789, when he retired. 

On his retirement, he took to helping with services in the Chapel. He became more and more eccentric as the years progressed, and began to show signs of madness, but the church refused to stop him from helping at services.

In 1799, on the night of 31st December with the dawning of the new century and Brother Joseph's 80th birthday, Joseph claimed to have had a vision of the Chapel's demise. Over the next few months, strange events were reported in the Chapel, such as candles lighting themselves, and pews upturning during sermons.

Numbers attending the Chapel fell rapidly, as rumours spread that it was haunted and that the devil himself was involved. In 1800, on the night of the summer solstice, the Chapel roof fell in, whilst Brother Joseph was alone inside.

Chapel Altar






A local woman claimed: 'I saw the cloven feet of the devile and his disciples on the Chapel roofe. They danced and fornicated on the timberes and laughed as the roofe fell inwards. I heard the good Brothere wail during the storm as he denounced the devil's work.'

His mourning continues to this day, and visitors to the area talk of seeing figures in and around the area. He is described as having long hair, a rotund figure, and always wearing the traditional monk robes. On windy nights, the Monk wails and curses the devil still.

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